Welcome to Quarantine-Gaming!

Quarantine-Gaming is a small rust community group that provides action-packed PVP servers! We strive to ensure the best quality servers that aren't just the same old server you can join any other community to play! With constant updates and custom maps, we hope to provide a fun experience for you and your friends.  The donation system is set up to help support us as a community to help keep the servers up and have funs to purchase custom plugins to make our servers even better! All donations are used only to fund the server and its endeavors. We do not want you to donate if you simply cannot afford to do so. Please note that no donations will be refunded and chargebacks will be taken seriously and will result in a permanent ban from all servers!

If you would like to suggest ideas to the server please feel free to do so in our discord! All suggestions will be noted and will be taken undermind to hopefully make our servers that one step better!